Staff Directory

To reach the FCEDA, you can call our general phone number: 703-790-0600. Or email us at


President's Office

  • Victor Hoskins

    President & CEO
  • Cheryl Martelli

    Executive Assistant

Vice Presidents

  • Alex Iams

    Executive Vice President
  • Catherine Riley

    Senior Vice President
  • Donna Hurwitt

    Vice President, Operations
  • Alan Fogg

    Vice President, Communications


  • Michael Batt

    Director, Talent Initiatives Program
  • David Kelley

    Director, National Business Investment
  • Jan Mul

    Director, International Business Investment
  • Karen Smaw

    Director, Diversity Business Investment and Entrepreneurship
  • Stephen Tarditi

    Director, Market Intelligence
  • Sandra White

    Director, Operations and HR

Business Investment Staff

  • John Blair

    Assistant Director, National Business Investment
  • Juhi Naithani

    Assistant Director, International Business Investment
  • Asher Kotz

    Manager, Business Investment, Cybersecurity and Israel
  • Anne Rosenblum

    Manager, National Business Investment, Technology and Capital Attraction
  • Alexander Thalacker

    Manager, National Business Investment, Software
  • Spencer Wood

    Manager, National Business Investment