Fairfax County, Virginia: Global Business Destination

Gaining access to the North American market, especially in the tech sector, means choosing the most strategic and competitive location.

Fairfax County, Virginia provides exactly that, highly skilled talent, a diverse pool of international workers and a quality of life that makes the move worthwhile, it provides everything you need to succeed.

The FCEDA has offices around the world to help attract the tech leaders of tomorrow to call Fairfax County home. Our soft business landing services and go-to-market assistance help companies make informed decisions with regard to their expansion. Creating a presence in North America means looking beyond Silicon Valley to the future of tech — right here in Fairfax County. Our location on the east coast, near the nation’s capital, makes Fairfax County a smarter choice for international companies looking to invest for the long haul.

Global giants like Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Samsung, CGI, Volkswagen, Hexaware, and Israel Aerospace Industry North America have already made the move, demonstrating that Fairfax County isn’t just a smart choice for smaller companies. It provides access to unparalleled markets, the U.S. federal government, diplomatic institutions and financial bodies that all help in achieving success.

Local FCEDA representatives around the world are eager to discuss the financial benefits of choosing Fairfax County as a base of operations in North America. The FCEDA offers a number of free and confidential services and resources to help companies both large and small. We welcome the opportunity to provide direct assistance to established companies interested in starting or expanding a business in Fairfax County, as well as to entrepreneurs just starting out.

The FCEDA can also assist with business investment efforts and handle the increasing number of international companies interested in establishing operations on the East Coast of the U.S. Please contact us at our FCEDA headquarters or our offices in Bangalore/Mumbai, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Seoul and Tel Aviv.


Fairfax County: Minutes from Washington, D.C.

Fairfax County offers access to the U.S. with a convenient time zone shared with New York. Nearby airports in Washington D.C., which is home to the nation’s embassies, provide all the essential international flights necessary to travel between Fairfax County and home base. A number of international flights depart daily from Dulles International Airport alone. Its proximity to Washington, D.C. also means workers can benefit from the big city culture while enjoying a higher quality of life in affordable, safe, vibrant Fairfax County. It’s a winning choice for everyone involved.

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Jan Mul

Jan Mul

Director, International Business Investment