High Quality Utilities in Northern Virginia

High-quality utilities are vital to the success of today’s businesses.

Fairfax County’s corporate and residential communities are served by numerous power, water and communications suppliers, while the Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services maintains a safe, reliable public infrastructure that is integral to our quality of life. The department oversees information on sewers and septic tanks, roads, trash collection and disposal, as well as recycling.


Connectivity to Count On

Fairfax County businesses are served by some of the world’s largest communications providers. Ongoing technology investments continue to support connectivity. Installation of a 680-mile, regional dark fiber optic network begins in late 2021, and 5G wireless is already rolling out in portions of Northern Virginia.

Energy & Water

Plugged Into Progress

Businesses of all types – from machine learning to manufacturing – depend on Fairfax County utilities. Reliability and responsibility are at the forefront of regional energy and water providers.

Investments at Dominion Power include meter technology, reliability and redundancy, and renewable energy. Already, more than 85% percent of the company’s energy generation comes from clean energy sources or natural gas.

Water and wastewater services are provided through local municipalities. Some energy service availability depends on geography. Dedicated teams at all regional utility providers work to understand business customer demand and provide tailored service.

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David Kelley

David Kelley

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