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The technology sector in Fairfax County attracts new talent and investments from across the nation.

Fairfax County is home to 8,800 large and small IT companies in Northern Virginia that deliver a full spectrum of high-end services and solutions to government, industry, healthcare, and consumer markets worldwide. Businesses and research teams in Fairfax County are defining the cutting edge. From cloud computing and software development to artificial intelligence and data analytics.

With one of every four jobs directly related to the technology solutions sector, Fairfax County attracts a constant influx of young talent from around the world. These technology specialists are drawn to the world-changing opportunities here, in addition to the unparalleled quality of life.

Fairfax County is uniquely located in close proximity to the nation’s capital. This gives companies access to policymakers and leaders who are helping to shape the face of tomorrow’s information technology sector. Cutting-edge business processes and initiatives continue to usher in a new era of growth, making Fairfax county one of the prime spots for tech companies in northern Virginia.

Partners such as the Northern Virginia Technology Council, George Mason University, Northern Virginia Community College, the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech all contribute to the IT services and professional services ecosystem and Northern Virginia technology companies that define the region.

Top players driving innovation in Fairfax County

Several top technology service companies have chosen Fairfax County as their home, such as MicroStrategy, Appian, and Amazon. The county has multiple location options, with a lower real estate cost than other top tech areas like Silicon Valley. Areas include Arlington, Alexandria, Herndon, McLean, Ashburn, Chantilly, Tysons, Reston, Springfield, and Falls Church.

Whether you’re a small business in the private sector, an entrepreneur interested in startups, a nonprofit organization, or a Fortune 500 company, Fairfax County has the business solutions you need. Our deep talent pool, proximity to Washington, D.C., and established technology service providers are what make Fairfax County one of the finest places in North America to help your business grow and succeed. It is the perfect spot for large and small IT companies in Northern Virginia.

Leaders in Cybersecurity in North Virginia

Cybersecurity in Fairfax County

Data breaches and panic over hacks are now commonplace. However, a robust community of innovators and computer scientists are implementing solutions in the cybersecurity sector. Eighteen of Washington D.C.’s Top 25 cybersecurity companies are based in Fairfax County. We’re the safe choice for new and established cybersecurity ventures.

More than 400 cybersecurity companies are headquartered in Northern Virginia and call Fairfax County home. The location allows them to tap into 15 different centers for academic excellence in the field. Regulators and institutions like the CIA are just minutes away in Washington, D.C.

This allows companies in Fairfax County to have access to people and resources that Silicon Valley can never acquire as easily. The unique concentration of tech talent, companies, resources, and training programs in such a small area has made the region the smartest and most secure choice for cybersecurity companies to establish themselves.

Media Hub

Digital Media Advantages

Digital media agencies in Fairfax County, including web applications and services, video and film production, interactive producers and content users, are thriving with access to large business and consumer markets. While social media’s forerunners may have called San Francisco or New York home, much of the digital media of tomorrow will boast an address in Fairfax County.

Tech talent provides the necessary framework for user experience and web development. At the same time, a large pool of creative talent fills in the text, images, video and other content needed to bring digital media alive. Video editors and graphic designers work alongside app and software developers in Fairfax County, where more than 269,000 workers contribute to the creative and digital media space. Proximity to universities churning out graduates skilled at digital content creation and development sweetens the deal for any company looking to invest in Fairfax County.

Data in the Cloud

Cloud Computing and Analytics

With worldwide expenditures of data analytics reaching more than $274 billion, there is more than a sliver of the pie available to companies getting in on the action. The United States represented 50% of the world’s data analytics spending, and our location next to the nation’s capital is an attractive selling point for companies in the analytics business.

The region awards more than 12,000 degrees in fields associated with data analytics. Fairfax County is attracting top talent in this field that virtually all companies will need eventually — if not already.

On top of actually crunching the numbers, Fairfax County also offers cloud-based solutions for companies to do their computing. Whether it’s the public, private or hybrid cloud, Fairfax County embraces servers, storage, networking, virtualization and applications. The county’s strong concentrations of cloud computing businesses provide products across the spectrum, including infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service.

Fairfax County firms that are entrenched in the cloud benefit from a highly skilled workforce and a customer base of both government and private sector clients, not to mention the robust internet infrastructure. Two important internet exchange points are located in Fairfax County in Reston and Tysons. Northern Virginia is among the world leaders in concentration of data centers.

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David Kelley, Director, National Business Investment

David Kelley

Director, National Business Investment

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of the top 25 cybersecurity firms in the Washington, D.C. region are based in Fairfax County

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workers employed in computer and mathematical occupations in the D.C. metropolitan area, more than twice the concentration nationally.

Tech labor costs 14% below labor costs in the San Francisco Bay area.

Top players driving innovation in Fairfax County

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Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics, 2020