Smart Location Decisions Yield Higher Rewards

With its strategic location, skilled talent base and vibrant tech sector Fairfax County offers many advantages for business growth.

These advantages come from high yield rewards for companies that move here — and the people who work for them.

It’s clear that Fairfax County is attracting new businesses, both large and small. The big question remains: why? Fairfax County provides the perfect mix of what businesses want and what they need in a place where people actually want to be. The region provides everything that traditional business destinations like San Francisco or New York City offer, with skilled talent and a vibrant tech sector.

With the largest suburban office market and just minutes from Washington, D.C., Fairfax County is the 21st century answer to new business development that creates returns faster than competitors.

Its economic advantage lies in the access it provides…Access to the U.S. federal government, the world’s largest procurer of goods and services… Access to more than 430 international companies. Access to 10 Fortune 500 headquarters… Access to 60 percent of the U.S. population within a two-hour flight… Access to advantageous tax rates…Access to affordable rents and lifestyles for companies and workers.

By taking advantage of a lower cost of entry than Silicon Valley while enjoying an environment with the same benefits and tech focus, Fairfax County gives you an edge. It offers companies the chance to invest, innovate and push boundaries to grow.

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Cathy Riley

Cathy Riley

Senior Vice President

Rankings & Facts


Fortune 500 companies call Fairfax County home


is the same corporate tax rate since 1972


International companies based in Fairfax County


Is the average salary in Fairfax, well above the U.S. average


of the U.S. population is accessible by a two-hour fight