Smart Location Decisions Yield Higher Rewards

With its strategic location, skilled talent base, and vibrant tech sector, Fairfax County offers many economic advantages for business growth.

These competitive economic advantages come from high yield rewards for companies that move here — and the people who work for them. 

It’s clear that Fairfax County is attracting new businesses, both large and small. The big question remains: Why? Fairfax County provides the perfect mix of what businesses want and what they need. All in a place where people want to be. 

Doing business in Fairfax County provides a competitive advantage unlike anywhere else.

What Economic Advantages Does Fairfax County Offer? 

The region provides everything that traditional business destinations like San Francisco or New York City offer. This includes both skilled talent and a vibrant tech sector. Growing economic activity in the area has bolstered the companies that have moved here, even during the pandemic. 

Fairfax County is the 21st-century answer to new business development. With the largest suburban office market and just minutes from Washington, D.C., Fairfax creates returns faster than competitors in the world market. Its economic advantage lies in the access it provides, including access to the U.S. federal government, international companies, advantageous tax rates, and more. 

With a lower cost of entry than Silicon Valley and an environment with the same benefits and tech focus, the economic model here offers companies the chance to invest, innovate, and push boundaries to grow.  

The economic benefit of Fairfax County is second to none. It’s attractive to providers in a variety of industries, including industry specializations in aerospace, healthcare, and human resources. They can reap the comparative advantage that only this region offers and seek partnerships with other businesses in the area. 

New jobs in Fairfax VA and growing economic development show a strong future. Retailers and non-profits alike have been able to grow through enrollment in this financial situation. 

Rankings & Facts


Fortune 500 companies call Fairfax County home


is the same corporate tax rate since 1972


International companies based in Fairfax County


Per capita income in Fairfax, well above the U.S. average


of the U.S. population is accessible by a two-hour fight