Fairfax County: Attracting Israeli Companies in the US

Israeli innovators have discovered the secret to accessing the North American market.

More than 40 Israeli companies have carved out a presence in Fairfax County since 2004, and with good reason. Fairfax County in Northern Virginia provides strategic access to the right mix of talent and resources. This helps accelerate Israeli investments, startups, and venture capital in the United States and beyond. Rivaling the cost of operations in Silicon Valley, Boston or New York City, Fairfax County is a smart choice for Israeli companies and entrepreneurs investing abroad. 

Integrating into a dynamic business community continuing to grow just outside the U.S. capital, Israeli companies are realizing the potential in Fairfax County. Its strategic location on the East Coast, along with strong transportation infrastructure, makes it an accessible center of operations. A direct flight service from Tel Aviv to Washington, D.C., makes connecting headquarters extremely convenient. 

As of 2011, over 60 Israeli firms and companies were listed on the NASDAQ on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), including Biondvax Pharmaceuticals and Ironsource. Fairfax’s convenient location in the eastern time zone makes access to the stock market simple. This gives investors a leg-up on unicorn IPOs and other unique opportunities. 

In recent years, Israeli Aerospace and Homeland Security Industries joined Fairfax County, taking advantage of the concentration of government and defense technology. It’s just the latest in an ever-growing list of companies attracted to the region’s highly skilled and educated talent pool. Fairfax County’s business community features 10 Fortune 500 headquarters. The D.C. area is home to many major businesses, including leading government contractors, technology companies, and global headquarters for companies like Mars and Freddie Mac. 

Fairfax County is also a hub of cybersecurity innovation. Companies like Armis Security, Checkmarx, and Forescout are helping to raise the profile of Tysons and Reston as part of the growing technology corridor. The region boasts more than 500 cybersecurity and tech companies that are building safer digital infrastructures for the future. 

The high-tech opportunities available in the region make Fairfax a strong contender compared to places such as San Francisco or New Jersey. One can find businesses in real estate, telecom, renewable energy, semiconductor manufacturing, and more. 

Multinational telecommunications company Partner Communications has a strong foothold in the area. Monday.com and Ceragon Networks also have offices here. 

Along with its strength in government and defense technology, Fairfax County’s diverse ecosystem holds opportunities for communications, financial, cloud, AI, intel, biopharmaceuticals, and healthcare companies based in the region. Favorable tax rates that have not risen for nearly 50 years only sweeten the deal. Other Israeli companies like Amdocs, Cellebrite, Israel Aerospace Industry, VERINT, RAFAEL Systems Global Sustainment (RSGS), RT Aerosate Inc., Vidisco USA, Xtend Reality, and Elbit Systems of America have already proven that Fairfax County was the right choice for them. 

The FCEDA has maintained an office in Israel, the startup nation, since 2004. It serves as a go-to resource for Israeli companies interested in expanding into the U.S. market.

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