Social Media and Forum Usage Policy

The Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) provides interested parties with several online communities in which to hold constructive discussions, solicit advice or input, and provide support to peers. Participation in such communities is a privilege, not a right, and is reserved for members who conduct themselves in a professional and responsible manner.

The purpose of our social communities is to promote economic development in Fairfax County. While we encourage open discussion, as page administrators we retain the right to remove any content that is not consistent with the FCEDA mission or core values and does not support the goal of promoting economic development in Fairfax County. We also abide by the Facebook Community standard policy & Fairfax County social media usage policy.

To make the FCEDA social media sites the best possible environment for all, we ask that users follow a few simple guidelines. This policy is subject to amendment or modification at any time.

The following actions may result in removal from our communities. The severity of a violation, as determined in the sole discretion of the administrators, will determine whether a warning is issued first.

General Guidelines

By participating in our social communities, you agree to abide by these policies and guidelines

  • Participants must contribute to the community in a constructive fashion, exhibiting patience, understanding, tolerance and respect; and,
  • Posts older than 30 days may be removed.


Please don’t spam. Spam is posting the same message repeatedly across the network, writing the same post or comment over and over again or sending the same message to multiple members. If you are reported or deemed to be a spammer, you may be banned from the FCEDA social communities.

Insults and Harassment

Respectfully disagreeing with someone, including the FCEDA, in a constructive, respectful, well-reasoned manner is fine. However, it is not appropriate to use the FCEDA communities as an outlet for your anger or frustration. Using FCEDA sites in these ways is not permitted:

  • Unconstructive, toxic, profane or personal attacks that disparage any ethnic, racial, age and religious group, gender, sexual orientation, or disability status;
  • Harassment or disparagement of businesses or organizations;
  • Inflammatory language, or symbols that represent vulgar language;
  • Comments or images that are deemed slanderous, libelous, fraudulent, misleading, or unlawful;
  • Threatening comments or images, whether physical or not, against FCEDA staff and any individuals;
  • Posting of personal information of yourself or anyone else. Personal information includes but is not limited to, contact information, personal account information, or full names of staff members with whom you have spoken “offline.”
  • Solicitation, spamming, or link-baiting.