Your workforce: Give yourself an unfair advantage

Talent is the most important asset to knowledge-based businesses. Few places in the world can offer your business the kind of workforce that exists in Fairfax County and the Washington area.

You want access to lots of talent. The Washington area has a workforce pool of more than 3 million people, including a large population of millennials drawn to Northern Virginia and the national capital region for the high-quality employers and jobs, the unique cultural opportunities of a world capital, and a lifestyle that includes great public schools.

You want high-quality, smart and diverse talent. In Fairfax County: more than 60 percent of our population holds at least a bachelor’s degree. One in four jobs here are in technology fields, so we have high concentrations of talent in fields such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, software engineering and quantitative analysis.

You want to know that the talent pipeline will continue. The Fairfax County workforce is served by scores of accredited institutions of higher education in the Washington, D.C., region. They confer tens of thousands of degrees and certificates a year, including thousands that prepare graduates for work with high-demand technologies. And, those institutions are constantly innovating and adding to their offerings to make sure they respond to the needs of employers and employees.

And to top it all off, your location in Fairfax County is the kind of place where your employees want to live, with high-quality public schools, safe neighborhoods and access to all that the Washington area has to offer. Download our workforce-focused fact sheets to learn more.